Ms Musical Biography

little m on the upright piano (1983)
  • 1979: At the age of seven my makers pushed me to the piano lessons for the first time. Since then Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven escorted me day by day. Since I grew up with their music I liked it very much.

  • 1988: 8 years of classical and baroque music are enough. I don't want to practise anymore. And always just classical stuff? As I presented some "Jazz for beginners" sheets to my piano teacher, she just sent me home... .

  • 1991: My musical career is launched - with Hip Hop. I become the 5th rapper in the Hip Hop-band "East Side Rebels" in my old hometown Zittau.

  • 1992: The multiheaded rebels have lost some heads (...oops ;o), we have shrinked down to the size of a trio. Going by the name of e.e.c.h. my partners in musical crime Dash and Cracc, and me gain experience in production and live performance. We play jams and concerts and sell our own tapes and burned CDs.

  • 1995: The first ever vinyl record release of e.e.c.h. is the track "Leben" (life) on the sampler "Pioniermanöver" (Halb 7 Records)

  • 1996: I buy my first keyboard and start playing again. About since that year I nearly had overtaken the complete productions of beats and music for the e.e.c.h..

  • 1998: First use of electric piano and organ-sounds for the production of the hip hop instrumentals.

  • 1999: We relaunch our band under the new name KKW. We play at larger concerts (e.g. with KC Da Rookee, Too Strong und Lyroholica), on larger venues (IFA, 1999) and release tracks on several samplers ("Beastside Vol.2", "Reimprinzen", IMC Underground-Tapes, ...)
    As for me, I start to do my own beats and basslines just for instrumental jazz improvisation - which becomes the first cornerstone to my own band project M & HIS POCKET BAND.
e.e.c.h. 1995 in DD auf der Elbbrücke e.e.c.h. 1996 KKW in Action (IFA 1999)

M am Rhodes beim Improvisieren...
  • 2000: In January I buy my first real Fender Rhodes electric piano. Now I've got the vintage sound I always wanted to have.

  • 2001: I start my solo project M & HIS POCKET BAND: With phatt programmed beats and basslines, my new Rhodes and an organ I play my own Jazzfunk.

  • 2002: The POCKET BAND has grown to a duo by including Andreas Kümmerle on electric guitar.

  • 2004: First album by M & HIS POCKET BAND feat. Andreas Kümmerle: "No revolution".

  • 2005: With my new 4-headed "POCKET BAND" (featuring Svend Renkenberger on drums and Michael Krauss on bass) I drop the programmed beats - live is live! Some of my earlier and actual rapsongs get included into our programm and the audience is thrilled! Possibly I am the only rapper to accompany myself on the keys!

  • 2006: I release my first Solo-CD "Märchenstunde" with six Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm turned into comedy rap tracks.

  • 2007: I start to get familiar with using synthesizers, which brings new colours to the sound of my "POCKET BAND"

  • 2009: I start a comedy program: with rap from my CD "Märchenstunde" presented solo on the piano. With this there come some lyric and prosa with one or the other bad joke... .
Das grosse M

Das kleine m am Klavier (1983)
  • 2010: The POCKET BAND has a succesor: With young singer Vanessa Gentile and POCKET BAND drummer Svend Renkenberger a trio evolves. We become accompaniers for a superb soul voice and song writing talent with me providing chords and bass.

  • 2013: The singer-songwriter style of Vanessa is history - we have fitted her a phatt-groovy soul sound with growin hip hop ingredients. I now play a Nord electro 3 HP with self made wooden stage-case (Equipment) and in autumn we become a quartet by welcoming E-cellist Peter Nickel.

  • 2013: We record a few songs live with a small audience in Svends nicely illuminated reheasal room: Two of them get published at Youtube:
    "Chance" and "Dort wo Du wohnst".

M in the mic im Discus-2b beim Videodreh (2017)
  • 2016: After 10 years without writing any rap lyrics, in August my internal rhyme generator suddenly starts without warning! Within 3 months the first ever rapsong about gliding comes into being!

  • 2018: ...after time consuming filming and cutting activities the video of the Rapsong "Die Piste ist frei" is finished and gets uploaded on 17th of June on YouTube. After 5 days it already exceeds 10.000 klicks!

  • 2019: I serve a dessert: After again time consuming filming and cutting activities the video of the Rapsong "Mit der Kraft der Natur" is finished and gets uploaded on 08th of July on YouTube. I collects more than 8000 Klicks after 6 days - hey gliders, whats up?? ;o)