KKW consists of Dash and M - and that means Hip Hop for exacting listeners. Hip Hop for people with open ears. For people able to realise that there is no contradiction in the interaction of phatt Hip Hop beats with funky grooves and catchy melodies.

Enter the KKW-homepage (sorry, only in german)
KKW 2001

KKW never claimed to have invented new styles in Hip Hop. Rather this band leaves traces in nearly all styles existing in the Hip Hop field. It just may be necessary to search for a little while.

And don't forget: With its base KKW is one of the first ever Rap groups of east germany, one of the first ones providing german languaged lyrics and also one of the first taking live instruments up to the stage !
At the moment KKW is not active due to the own projects of Dash and M, but this doesn't mean that its the end... .

KKW 2001